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Asia Pacific   24 Jan, 2010, 19:15
Building a bath on New Zealand’s thermal beach  
John Edwards

John Edwards finds getting around New Zealand’s Coromandel Peninsula is a breeze if you’re ready to stick out your thumb and trust the first Maori that stops.

Africa   24 Jan, 2010, 18:48
A secret glimpse in Morocco’s High Atlas  
Gregory Kruse

A chance tea-tent encounter gives Gregory Kruse a vivid insight into the hidden world of daily life in the harsh, unforgiving environment of the High Atlas mountains.

Europe   24 Jan, 2010, 18:21
In Birmingham’s back yard  
Richard Lakin

Few people find kind words for the UK city of Birmingham. But Richard Lakin has very special memories of nearby Cannock Chase, just to the north in the county of Staffordshire

Central Asia   13 Jan, 2010, 13:32
Land-cruising through Kyrgyzstan  
Charlie Weatherill

On his journey through the ‘Stans, Charlie Weatherill dismounts his trusty Landcruiser and takes to horseback to get a taste of endangered lifestyle of a nomadic culture.

Central Asia   13 Jan, 2010, 12:30
Snake-charmers and meditation in Rishikesh  
Sezgi Yalin

High in the Himalayan foothills, India’s most spiritual retreat provides quiet moments and insights for a tranquil and meditative Sezgi Yalin.

Europe   13 Jan, 2010, 10:32
Haunted by the Highlands  
Vanessa Harris

Northern Scotland’s as good a place as any to look for spiritual roots. Vanessa Harris drifts off into a Pagan world of mists and Celtic fairies.

Europe   13 Jan, 2010, 08:36
Floods and brothels: beyond Bucharest  
Bob & Viv Goddard

They should know better. Bob and Viv Goddard are already grandparents when they set off on their two motorcycles on a marathon charity jaunt across Eastern Europe. In Romania their journey gets difficult.

Americas   13 Jan, 2010, 06:16
Ready for Valentine’s day: Seattle’s sweetheart sites  
Jane Cassie

Forget Paris for romance. Jane Cassie reckons you can get just as cuddly on Canada’s Pacific Northwest.

Americas   8 Jan, 2010, 17:08
Costa Rica: not as dangerous as it thinks  
Mateo Amaral

Mateo Amaral flies in to San Jose, capital of Costa Rica, to a barrage of warnings. Apparently it’s not safe to walk, to eat, or to even be there. Brushing aside such concerns – after all, he’s from California – he survives in style.

Africa   8 Jan, 2010, 16:50
To expat or not: balancing life in Dakar  
Tamara Braunstein

In Senegal, Tamara Braunstien finds socialising with the locals a very different experience to tapping into the expat community. She finds the two Tamaras have to be kept well apart.

Europe   8 Jan, 2010, 16:37
A wintry Gothenburg  
Lucy Jordan

February isn’t the most obvious time to visit Sweden, and Gothenburg isn’t the most obvious bit of the country to see. Undaunted, Lucy Jordan flies in. The important thing, she finds, is wearing ‘layers’.

Americas   8 Jan, 2010, 16:26
Freezing in summer: Barrow, Alaska  
Rob Dobrusin

‘Tundra Tourist’ Rob Dobrusin finds it well worth braving a chilly summer to explore Barrow, Alaska. Even if, 330 miles north of the Arctic Circle, his family have growing doubts.

Central Asia   8 Jan, 2010, 15:57
Cut down to size in India’s seething city: Kolkata  
Madelaine Triebe

India’s most populous city proves something of a challenge to Madelaine Triebe, despite having relatives to help her blend in the crowds, but it is a bad – and almost malicious – haircut that proves to be the final straw.

Africa   8 Jan, 2010, 02:39
After 32 years: return to South Luangwa  
Jane Agg

Same guide, same walk, same safari 32 years on. Jane Agg’s first Luangwa safari was with a young Robin Pope. A generation later she returns to revisit Zambia to find the young guide she knew has become a walking safari legend.

Asia Pacific   8 Jan, 2010, 02:12
Climbing in Japan: A Pilgrim’s Journey  
Jeffrey Rambo

Sometime after midnight it starts to rain. Not a great start to Jeffrey Rambo’s long-planned climb up Mount Fuji, Japan’s most sacred mountain.

Americas   4 Jan, 2010, 10:46
A taste of Haiti – before the quake  
Nick Redmayne

Nick Redmayne toured Haiti in early December 2009, days before the earthquake that laid waste to the capital. Following a disaster on this scale travel journalism seems irrelevant so instead he singles out one charity that will help rebuild Port au Prince.

Asia Pacific   21 Dec, 2009, 17:34
Bali for beginners: an easy intro to Indonesia’s magic  
Richard Sayers

Indonesia’s most popular island works its magic on Richard Sayers – though he’s not so keen on the omnipresent tat salespeople.

Europe   21 Dec, 2009, 17:14
Return to Albania  
Matt Pointon

Matt Pointon returns to Albania to see how the country has changed since the fall of Enver Hoxha’s communist dictatorship.

Central Asia   21 Dec, 2009, 16:46
Nice Trek, shame about the guide  
Alexander Sehmer

A social connection means Alex Sehmer ends up with a guide for his trek in Nepal. A few hours into the journey he starts to regret this decision.

Asia Pacific   21 Dec, 2009, 16:14
From battleground to island paradise: Okinawa reborn  
Rob Mcgovern

Rob McGovern takes a short flight from mainland Japan to find the island of Okinawa, bombed to bits in World War II, has re-invented itself as a tropical getaway. 

Europe   7 Dec, 2009, 10:13
Dicing with death on southern Italy’s roads  
Stewart Faichney

Italian drivers are famed for speed. Australian Stewart Faichney finds motoring in Puglia is a bracing experience. 

Africa   7 Dec, 2009, 09:23
Mastering the art of Moroccan cuisine  
Joanna Drange

Most visitors to Morocco never get beyond cous-cous and tagines. Joanna Drange says that Marrakesh provides plenty of opportunity to sample more exotic dishes – and to learn how to cook them. 

Americas   2 Dec, 2009, 10:29
Eine kleine Argentina: a touch of Heidi in the hills  
Carolann Moisse

Villa General Belgrano brings Bavaria to Argentina’s central sierras. Carolann Moisse finds an alpine-village theme park with a strongly German identity.

Central Asia   2 Dec, 2009, 10:18
The Mongol Rally: an overland adventure  
Adam Smith

Part charity fundraiser but more importantly a driving challenge, the Mongol Rally has come to be an annual landmark on the overlanding callendar. Adam Smith fires up his Kia Pride – but then forgets almost all his documents.

Americas   2 Dec, 2009, 09:59
Canmore: year-round highlight of Canada’s Rockies  
Ann Jordan-Mills

Even in winter, Canmore is one of Alberta’s most spectacular regions, says a warmly-dressed Ann Jordan-Mills.

Central Asia   2 Dec, 2009, 09:20
India in a rush: eight centuries, 240 hours  
Wendy Harbottle

A whistlestop tour of India gives Wendy Harbottle a vivid taste of Indian history, but leaves many experiences pending for her next, longer, visit. 

Europe   2 Dec, 2009, 09:13
Taking a bath in Baden Baden  
Steve Rudd

In Germany’s leading spa city Steve Rudd finds that following in Victoria Beckham’s footsteps would mean baring all in a room full of strangers. Discreetly, he takes his boxer shorts to more modest establishment.

Americas   17 Nov, 2009, 13:25
Passport rules punish Brits in Latin America  
Ian Sumter

Recent rule changes mean that losing a British passport in Latin America is no longer a minor inconvenience. Ian Sumter finds that cost-cutting measures introduced by the UK government mean a snatched bag will lead to a red-tape tangle from which a sudden flight home is the only escape.

Asia Pacific   17 Nov, 2009, 13:14
No easy way to learn Vietnamese  
Antonio Graceffo

Students of Vietnam’s national language should look away now. Antonio Graceffo finds it’s not just the pronunciation that’s fiendishly difficult.  

Americas   16 Nov, 2009, 21:44
A ‘nice-chassis’ chica adrift in Honduras  
Rachel Fitch

A blonde with a backpack represents something of a dream to the macho street-dwellers of Central America. Rachel Fitch finds the experience of travelling as a girl in Tegucigalpa is sometimes tiring but always a buzz.

Central Asia   16 Nov, 2009, 10:52
Taking the high road through Northern Pakistan  
Charlie Weatherill

When Charlie Weatherill and girlfriend Nina both lost their jobs, they didn’t mope about or rejoin the treadmill. Very sensibly they drove off across Asia. Pakistan, so far, has proved the unexpected highlight.

Africa   12 Nov, 2009, 17:32
Diwali is different in Dar es Salaam  
Mark Gillies

India’s great festival of lights goes off with something of a bang in Tanzania. Mark Gillies reports from East Africa on a typically chaotic, exuberant event.

Asia Pacific   12 Nov, 2009, 17:03
Less than impressed by Bangkok’s strip shows  
Tom Bristow

Tom Bristow remains resolutely unmoved by the sex displays perfected in Patpong’s seedy strip of bars. With admirable dedication, however, he stays to the bitter end.

Europe   12 Nov, 2009, 16:49
Excursion into Albania  
Matt Pointon

In 1996 Albania was a far less trodden travel destination than it is today. Matt Pointon remembers his first visit, when he travelled from Greece’s tourist-infested islands to explore Europe’s overlooked oddity.

Europe   11 Nov, 2009, 13:53
Easy does it: a cheap London bed  
Jack Barker

When it comes to hotel prices, Britain’s capital is one of the world’s most expensive cities. Jack Barker tests out Easyhotel’s new cut-price accommodation in London.

Africa   4 Nov, 2009, 14:18
Sierra Leone: island-hopping in West Africa  
David Utekin

Sierra Leone’s battlescarred backwaters aren’t remotely geared for tourism. Not everyone’s deterred: David Utekin takes his girlfriend.

Americas   4 Nov, 2009, 14:11
All-inclusive hell in the Dominican Republic  
Joel Penchina

Sometimes, to paraphrase a cliche, you just can’t get the right guests. Joel Penchina finds the language barrier is just the start of his problems in his family Caribbean adventure in a Punta Cana all-inclusive.

Americas   4 Nov, 2009, 13:57
Honeymoon havoc of anti-terror laws  
Neil Jessen

On a flight across America Neil Jessen makes the mistake of complaining about another passenger. This leads him into a Kafka-esque world where his raised voice runs perilously close to infringing anti-terror regulations. A warning to us all.

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