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Americas   4 Nov, 2009, 13:06
Climbing Fuego, Guatemala’s volcanic giant  
Nathaniel Kostar

Only a fool, says Nathaniel Kostar, would think climbing an active volcano would be a good way to spend a Sunday. But in a day-hike from Antigua he conquers tropical jungle and lava-strewn scree to reach the smoking summit.

Europe   30 Oct, 2009, 16:38
The Hague: Holland’s leading ‘Art City’  
Jack Barker

A 24-hour press trip isn’t always the best way to experience a city. But Jack Barker finds his brief taste of Den Haag something of a revelation, and begins to understand why Dutch politicians and royals choose to make the Hague their home.

Americas   27 Oct, 2009, 19:24
Riding out with Argentina’s gauchos  
Ferdia Earle

Ferdia Earle finds her riding skills come in useful as she buckles down to work on a South American cattle ranch. Daily chores come to life against the dramatic backdrop of Patagonia.

Africa   27 Oct, 2009, 18:47
Fear and loathing on Uganda’s Ssese Islands  
Fred Rasmussen

Getting to Lake Victoria’s Ssese Islands is itself something of an achievement, but once there you can’t guarantee finding a peaceful island idyll. Fred Saugman spends a night around the campfire, fraught with drugs and flying drinks, and tries to placate a murderous, raving psychopath.

Americas   27 Oct, 2009, 18:15
Bag-slashed but not bothered in downtown Quito  
Leah Eades

Flying in to Ecuador on a wave of swine-flu panic, Leah Eades is quickly robbed and made to feel at home. But with time she gets thoroughly used to Quito and its ways.

Central Asia   27 Oct, 2009, 13:52
A few Lao recipes for insects and innards  
Charlotte Halligan

One of Asia’s poorest countries has some imaginative ways to make the scarcely-edible taste good. While tourists feast on expensive luxuries Charlotte Halligan finds the locals subsist on a range of deep-fried insects.

Asia Pacific   27 Oct, 2009, 06:00
Welcome to New Zealand’s ‘Cloud Nine’  
Kip Brook

Kip Brook finds luxury and peace at one of New Zealand’s most sought-after self-catering havens: a bach for the 21st century.

Europe   27 Oct, 2009, 05:47
Hiking in Slovenia  
Larry Zaletel

Larry Zaletel tests out his brand-new knee on a challenging hike in Slovenia. He finds plenty of mountains..

Asia Pacific   9 Oct, 2009, 15:19
Aquanauts on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef  
Rod Eime

Rod Eime packs his flippers and trunks and heads to Queensland for an underwater look at one of the world’s most stunning natural displays: Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

Americas   9 Oct, 2009, 15:05
Rice and beans: three times a day  
Edward B. Colby

Breakfast time in Costa Rica and it’s beans – again. TEFL teacher Edward B. Colby finds the unchanging daily diet provides a telling insight into daily life in a rural region.

Central Asia   9 Oct, 2009, 14:37
Peace on the Perhentians  
Natasha Al-Atassi

Malaysia’s Perhentian Islands are paradise, says Natasha Al-Atassi, as she settles in to tropical dreams.

Americas   5 Oct, 2009, 11:13
Caught out by a coup in Central America  
Hester Pollock

Hester Pollock never thought the long-passed coup in Honduras would interfere with her Central American travel plans. But an ex-president returns so her bus arrives in the capital, Tegucigalpa, to find it locked down under 24-hour curfew: along with the rest of the population she’s well and truly trapped.

Asia Pacific   1 Oct, 2009, 10:55
Pacific crossing in a Chinese junk  
Gary Hurstone

Iowa boy Hugh Morrow is the only western crew member on the Princess Taiping, a traditional Chinese junk, that sails across the Pacific to prove it can be done. From Fujian in China they reach San Francisco intact but it’s the return journey, after nearly a year at sea, that proves too much of an adventure. Gary Hurlstone tells his tale.

Europe   1 Oct, 2009, 10:26
Guided round Anglesey by a voice from the past  
Richard Lakin

There’s a trend for travelling with elderly guidebooks, but usually at least they’re less than a hundred years out of date. Richard Lakin, on the other hand, relies on the testimony of a 12th-century monk.

Central Asia   1 Oct, 2009, 10:13
A brush with death in upcountry Laos  
David Calleja

It’s easy to idealise the Laotian style of riverside life. But in Savannakhet David Calleja discovers the mighty Mekhong is not always benign. 

Europe   1 Oct, 2009, 10:04
Fireworks and fine art: Easter in Florence  
Nadja Hansen

Italy’s culture often seems buried in the past. Not if you visit Tuscany’s greatest city at Easter, says Nadja Hansen, when icons and costumes parade through the streets.

Americas   1 Oct, 2009, 09:15
Working the bars over Nova Scotia’s Tattoo  
Jessica Alley

Each September the city of Halifax plays host to one of Canada’s largest military displays. Jessica Alley gives a bar worker’s perspective.

Africa   17 Sep, 2009, 10:17
Fright in the forest: meeting Congo’s lowland gorillas  
Tony McKeith

Wildlife guide Tony McKeith finds the jungles of the Congo – not the DRC, the other one – an appropriate setting for a wildlife experience where the excitement has an edge.

Central Asia   16 Sep, 2009, 14:49
Life in Lao’s not-so-fast lane  
Charlotte Halligan

Charlotte Halligan finds the pace of life slows dramatically on her volunteer placement in Laos. Hammocks are everwhere and even the Buddha statues seem in permanent recline.

Africa   16 Sep, 2009, 14:28
Into the unknown: a cycle tour of Madagascar:  
Michael Ayers

Madagascar is the size of France and the roads are dreadful. Michael Ayers sets off from the capital on an epic bike ride.

Europe   16 Sep, 2009, 14:07
Florence to Marseilles – by mistake  
Raymond Thew

Faced with an important deadline, Raymond Thew should really have flown from Florence to Marseilles. The only problem with his overland journey across Europe is that everything goes wrong.

Asia Pacific   16 Sep, 2009, 13:33
On the raz along Phuket’s Bangla Road  
Malcolm Teasdale

Phuket’s Patong Beach – and Bangla Road in particular – show Thailand’s exuberant nightlife at it’s frenzied best. First-time visitor Malcolm Teasdale finds it all something of a revelation – and that’s before Songkran comes along to shower water on his parade.

Americas   16 Sep, 2009, 12:59
Forget Chile’s surf: it also has boulders  
Paul Lammens

On a teaching placement in Santiago Paul Lammens finds that despite his beachfront home, it is Chile’s boulders and mountains that give him the most satisfaction.

Europe   16 Sep, 2009, 12:42
In the shade of Europe’s ‘Iron Curtain’  
Peter Morgan

The shadow of the Iron Curtain still falls over most of the countries of Eastern Europe. Twenty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall Peter Morgan takes the train through seven states and says now is the time to visit, before they’re absorbed into Europe.

Asia Pacific   16 Sep, 2009, 11:04
Tuning in to Cambodia’s children  
Sezgi Yalin

In Phnom Penh Sezgi Yalin takes a close look at the daily life of the street kids. In this relentless environment survival itself is a daily challenge.  

Americas   16 Sep, 2009, 10:43
Prince Edward Island: A Biker’s Heaven  
Lily Iona MacKenzie

Lily Iona MacKenzie says Prince Edward Island is ideally explored by bicycle as it is ‘only’ 126 miles long. Even the islands are bigger in Canada and I’d need a motor – and not a small one – bolted onto my bike.

Asia Pacific   6 Sep, 2009, 23:52
Up close and personal with New Zealand’s dolphins  
Kirsten Knauf

In New Zealand’s Banks Peninsula marine mammal sanctuary, the rare Hector’s dolphins can be found, the smallest and one of the most playful of the species. Kirsten Knauf had a close encounter with these curious cetaceans.

Middle East   6 Sep, 2009, 23:48
Big lessons from the world’s smallest school  
Chris Barrett

Three students, no problems. Chris Barrett finds an enterprising ex-soldier running the world’s smallest school, dedicated to bringing the light of knowledge to a fishing village in Iran.

Americas   2 Sep, 2009, 16:07
Hitching Bolivia’s ‘Road to Death’  
Janos Gal

When you’re after sheer, life-threatening adventure it’s always best to go to a poor country and pretend, at least, not to have any money. Janos Gal travels like a local from Yolosa to Yucomo on one of Bolivia’s most dangerous roads.

Asia Pacific   28 Aug, 2009, 10:02
Thailand’s ‘ladyboys’: all you need to know  
Jeremy Wilson

Thailand’s katoeys are an infamous hazard for farang on the prowl. But Jeremy Wilson says the country’s ‘third sex’ is a deeper social phenomena reflecting wide cultural differences.

Middle East   28 Aug, 2009, 09:29
Jordan: ancient culture and modern art  
Jacqueline Beach

In 2009 Jordan celebrates a hundred years of statehood. This seems rather modest, as its historical roots reach back for millennia. Jacqueline Beach reports on Amman, ancient and modern.

Europe   27 Aug, 2009, 16:08
Paris Skates: rollerblade riots that flood the streets  
Betsy Potash

The ‘City of Romance’ has an edgier side: the weekly rollerblade rallies that cut through the strolling couples. Betsy Potash clips on her helmet and skates through the streets.

Asia Pacific   27 Aug, 2009, 15:35
Fiji’s far-flung fragments  
Richard Carrick

Bula Yasawa from Fiji, says Richard Carrick, as he takes a fast catamaran to explore the Pacific beaches and coral reefs of some outer islands. 

Asia Pacific   27 Aug, 2009, 15:26
A backpacker day when nothing goes to plan  
Steve Rudd

No-one ever told Steve Rudd that Vietnamese museums all shut on Mondays. On his last day in Hanoi – a Monday – this derails all his plans.

Asia Pacific   27 Aug, 2009, 15:13
Pilgrimage to Jeoldusan  
Tamara Dahler

Bringing Christianity to Korea was never going to be easy. When a community of local nuns offer to show Tamara Dahler a museum in Seoul that celebrates the early Catholic martyrs she leaps at the chance – and gets a drive along the Han River into the bargain.

Africa   27 Aug, 2009, 14:27
Life in the slow lane in southern Madagascar  
Sam Parkes

Forget the headlines warning of riots and unrest in Madagascar. In the coastal town of Tolanaro Sam Parkes finds the most stressful decision of each day is choosing a beach.

Editorials   27 Aug, 2009, 00:59
The Wonder of Whiffling  
Adam Jacot de Boinod

His first book, ‘The Meaning of Tingo’, searched out interesting words from all the world’s languages. Now Adam Jacot de Boinot has turned his attention to the English language in ‘The Wonder of Whiffling’.

Asia Pacific   19 Aug, 2009, 11:59
Volunteering in rural Cambodia  
John Carleton

John Carleton finds a place where back-packers can give something back and add to their travel experience in Southern Cambodia.

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