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Americas   28 Nov, 2011, 12:49
A brief guide to Los Angeles  
Iain Miller

Los Angeles is more than just another city on America’s western coast. It’s a world-famous cultural icon that sums up much of California. Iain Miller knows where to go and what to see.

Africa   28 Nov, 2011, 12:17
A glimpse of Kenya on a rural road  
Sarah Taylor

Sarah Taylor’s head is full of dreams as she flies into East Africa. But her first encounters mix in a bit of reality with her sunny preconceptions.

Europe   28 Nov, 2011, 12:08
A love affair with a British road  
Pieter and Rita Boogaart

It’s not easy to love an English road. Traffic jams and speed cameras mean most of us hate them. Pieter and Rita Boogart, however, are from Holland: they liked the A272 so much they’ve written a book about it.

Africa   25 Nov, 2011, 14:27
Postcard from Soweto: 1999  
David Calleja

In the last Millennia South Africa was a dangerous but also a hopeful place. David Calleja recalls his visit to Johannesburg’s notorious township just after the fall of Apartheid, when rapid improvement was immediately expected.

Americas, Deals   25 Nov, 2011, 14:19
Las Vegas – around the world in 80 hours  
John McElborough

America’s ‘Sin City’ is going through something of a boom. John McElborough explains how you can find the whole world in this glitzy patch of Nevada desert.

Central Asia   25 Nov, 2011, 14:09
Monuments and sarees: a tour of North India  
Jude Perera

On the road between Sri Lanka and Melbourne, Jude Perera takes a whistlestop journey around North India’s highlights and is stunned by the buildings but and the art on show.

Europe   25 Nov, 2011, 13:25
Punctures, crashes and lots of beer: cycle Deutschland  
James Sinclair

As the Royal Wedding ruins a UK weekend, James Sinclair heads off to invade and conquer Germany – on a bicycle. But instead of cheering on their regal exports the locals are busy celebrating May Day, which seems to involve plenty of drink.

Americas   25 Nov, 2011, 12:54
Meeting the ghosts of Gettysburg  
Jason McKenney

America’s Civil War has always fascinated Jason McKenney. But when he visited the battlefield at Gettysburg he hardly expected to meet the dead.

Asia Pacific   24 Nov, 2011, 09:16
Tracking down the women divers on Korea’s JeJu Island  
Alan Deegan

South Korea’s women ‘Haenyo’ free-divers swim 20 metres down to harvest abalone shells and seafood. Alan Deegan tracks them down on – along with a few UNESCO sites – on the southwestern island of JeJu.

Central Asia, Europe   23 Nov, 2011, 19:56
A hellish time on an Ukrainian beach  
Robert Fox

Bobby Fox regards the Ukraine as being ‘a permanent state of discomfort’. No surprise then that he has a thoroughly miserable time when he is taken for a swim in the sea.

Africa   23 Nov, 2011, 19:29
Safari on a shoestring: sensational South Africa  
Julie H Ferguson

South African dung beetles often have right of way over cars, but in South Africa Julie H Ferguson finds it’s the ‘Big Five’ that electrifies her experience of life in the bush as she bounces around Hluhluwe-Imfolozi (pronounced Shushlui) and Addo parks.

Americas   23 Nov, 2011, 11:43
Rail tours to the Grand Canyon’s edge  
Iain Miller

The Grand Canyon is one of America’s iconic sights. Iain Miller says that the best way of seeing it is on a rail tour that gets you right to the edge.

Americas   23 Nov, 2011, 10:56
Way off the beaten trail on Colombia’s Pacific coast  
Simon Phillips

After a long environmental wrangle plans to build a deepwater port on Colombia’s western coast were shelved and the Uramba Bahia Malaga National Park was born. Two years on Simon Phillips treks to its heart and finds a remote, untouched beauty.

Central Asia, Europe   23 Nov, 2011, 10:29
A song to Siberia  
Katherine Armstrong

A childhood spent in Russia left Katherine Armstrong with vivid memories of Russia, and an inexplicable soft spot for the Siberian city of Tyumen.

Europe   23 Nov, 2011, 10:18
Stork storm over Santiago de Compostela  
John M Edwards

There’s an easy way to complete the 500-mile El Camino de Santiago de Compostela: don’t walk, just rent a car. Perhaps this is why Spain’s storks take exception to John M Edwards and he’s dive-bombed by a flock of avian fiends.

Asia Pacific, Deals   21 Nov, 2011, 18:36
Sydney and the Gold Coast: surf and great museums  
Jen Thames

Shock! Jen Thames finds her husband likes – and goes to – museums. So she hopes Australia won’t have too many. But in Sydney and even on the Gold Coast she finds brilliant museums, along with beautiful beaches and excellent hotels.

Europe   21 Nov, 2011, 18:21
Couchsurfing France: happy landing in Montpellier  
Kris Mole

Veteran freeloader Kris Mole finds southern France effortlessly hospitable as he lands another free bed on his travels around Europe.

Americas   21 Nov, 2011, 18:09
Lost – but entranced – in America’s oldest city  
D J Mathews

Europeans aren’t easily impressed by North American ideas of ‘historic’. But before we Brits get all sniffy, D J Mathews points out that the USA’s oldest city was founded well before we arrived, and guides us round St. Augustine.

Europe   21 Nov, 2011, 17:46
Never too late to call Glasgow ‘home’  
John Thomson

John Thomson, though thoroughly American, has Scottish roots. He investigates the land of his forbears in Scotland’s ‘City of Culture’, Glasgow.

Asia Pacific   19 Nov, 2011, 12:08
Bangkok underwater: City of (real) Angels  
Brian Fisher

October to November 2011 and much of Thailand’s capital was flooded. Brian Fisher visits and finds the locals coping with the disaster with calm equanimity.

Deals, Europe   15 Nov, 2011, 19:33
Five of the greatest musical landmarks in Europe  
Simon Mitchel

Music fans in search of Europe’s greatest iconic musical locations can relax. Simon Mitchel has collected five of the best – with directions on how to get there.

Africa   15 Nov, 2011, 16:07
Welcome to South Africa – and don’t get shot  
Matthew Thomas

Matthew Thomas has mixed feelings when he flies into Johannesburg. But instead of crime he finds smiles in a country that, post-Apartheid, is still a work in progress.

Americas   15 Nov, 2011, 15:30
Awesome Ecuador – in the pouring rain  
Eric Whitehead

The views from Banos in southern Ecuador are a lot better when the weather is clear. But you don’t get waterfalls without rain and Eric Whitehead doesn’t let it spoil his ATV tour.

Europe   15 Nov, 2011, 15:06
Legging it back into English history  
Alan Deegan

Britain’s canal systems form an atmospheric network of inland waterways that wend their way across the countryside. Alan Deegan explores their origins.

Deals, Europe   11 Nov, 2011, 19:35
Why villa holidays are better than package deals  
Theresa Semackor

Sometimes – especially for families – villa holidays beat any other travel options. Theresa Semackor runs through the reasons why luxury villas rule.

Africa   5 Nov, 2011, 18:39
Amongst the female gladiators of Obudu  
Karen Shaw

Nigeria’s capital city, Lagos, just wasn’t strong enough for Karen Shaw. She leaves the infamous city to find an even more difficult environment in a remote and impenetrable mountain rainforest. Welcome to Obudu.

Americas   5 Nov, 2011, 18:20
Out and about in Mexico  
Matthew Thomas

The world’s most populous city in only a day? No problem for Matthew Thomas who takes Mexico’s capital at a run before heading off to hit the beach.

Europe   5 Nov, 2011, 18:09
In love with Lisbon  
Lilia Velinova

Portugal’s capital city casts its spell over first-time visitor Lilia Velinova: her five days in the city mark the start of a long-lasting affair.

Central Asia   4 Nov, 2011, 11:32
Paddle power: Alleppey’s Snake Boat race  
Hema Narayanan

Those who live in the backwaters of Kerala are raised as much on water as on land. Once a year they celebrate their waterborne life with India’s largest boat race: Hema Narayanan attends.

Americas, Deals   28 Oct, 2011, 06:04
California sweet – treasures of the Golden State  
John McElborough

The iconic state of California might just make up a part of America but is larger, more populous and more famous than most of the world’s fully-fledged countries. John McElborough gives an insider’s guide.

Asia Pacific   28 Oct, 2011, 00:11
Skulls and scams: cycling through Cambodia  
Charlie Walker

On his round-the-world cycle ride, Charlie Walker finds his biggest problem, in Cambodia, is too many tourists – and a lot of abandoned skulls.

Asia Pacific   25 Oct, 2011, 16:38
Edgily festive: Christmas with dead relatives  
Dan Hart

Dan Hart has an elderly distant relative living in Australia: a good excuse, he decides, to spend Christmas there. Nothing’s going to stop Dan’s plan, even when, the August before, Old Jack becomes Late Jack.

Central Asia   25 Oct, 2011, 16:27
Tiptoeing through the Tibetan language  
Anna Greenwood

In a Tibetan monastery in southern India, Anna Greenwood finds learning the language means absorbing the culture – and it’s pretty easy to put a foot wrong.

Americas   25 Oct, 2011, 15:56
Off and on Argentina’s rail system  
Sebastian Tyrrell

The Argentine rail network gives Sebastián Tyrrell plenty of opportunity to practice his patience. Considering the distances involved he’s inclined to forgive the odd lost hour.

Asia Pacific, Editorials   21 Oct, 2011, 15:39
Retirement abroad: a Thai real-estate pitch  
Don Anderson

Casting around for somewhere to retire, Don Anderson lights upon Thailand. Three years later he’s still there – and loving it.

Europe   21 Oct, 2011, 15:21
At last, a decent airport restaurant  
Steve Jones

Frequent flier Steve Jones has had enough of the overpriced pap laid out by British airport eateries. So he’s very pleased, flying out of Amsterdam, to luck into the Dakota Bar on Schipol’s top floor.

Americas   21 Oct, 2011, 14:48
A first ride on a São Paulo bus  
Rob Dwyer

Marooned on the outskirts of Brazil’s most populous city, Rob Dwyer decides to take a bus. It’s just as well he has no particular destination in mind as he’s lucky to find his way home.

Europe   21 Oct, 2011, 14:40
Venice – an icon that lives up to its hype  
David S Grant

Never the easiest tourist, David S Grant is reassured to find that Venice is actually as beautiful as everyone says. Despite being thoroughly lost most of the time he enjoys his stay.

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