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Africa   13 Oct, 2011, 13:46
Rats, bushmeat and three in a bed: welcome to Nigeria  
Pascal de Kruyff

Nigeria isn’t a place many people just happen to luck into: most people seem to be queuing to travel the other way. Pascal de Kruyff’s internship – for a microfinance NGO – immerses him into daily life on frontline West Africa.

Americas   13 Oct, 2011, 10:42
A lot of Gaul in Montréal  
M. Kathleen Madigan

M. Kathleen Madigan takes a group of language students to visit Montréal, the capital of Québec, and finds this resolutely French part of Canada is in festival mode.

Europe   12 Oct, 2011, 14:34
Football-free and better for it: Basque Country  
Thom Wheeler

Thom Wheeler drives into Spain expecting to catch a football match in any one of many bars. Donostia San Sebastian, however, defies his preconceptions: instead of sun and sangria he has to settle for tempting tapas and fine red wine.

Deals, Europe   7 Oct, 2011, 16:14
Fly south for Winter  
Sophie Mancuso

As the UK slides through Autumn into Winter Sophie Mancuso advises you to follow the birds: fly south to the sun.

Central Asia, Europe   7 Oct, 2011, 13:08
Siberia: not to be learned from books  
Mariusz Stankiewicz

Mariusz Stankiewicz visits Olkhon Island on Lake Baikal and finds a Russia he’d read about in his youth. In this forgotten corner of the former USSR he finds that time slows to a reflective pace.

Africa   7 Oct, 2011, 12:30
More than just birds at Uganda’s Lake Bunyony  
Peter O'Dur

Most of the visitors to Lake Bunyony are birders, but Peter O’Dur says there are plenty more reasons to visit this unspoilt bit of East Africa.

Americas   7 Oct, 2011, 12:17
A whirlwind date – with Hurricane Irene  
Alan Deegan

News of a tropical depression does little to damp Alan Deegan’s enthusiasm for a holiday in New Jersey. America’s huge, he reasons: why should any cyclone affect his travel plans?

Middle East   7 Oct, 2011, 12:07
Ten days, three people, one trail: Shvil Y’Israel  
Sara DeGregoria

Whatever the problems of the Middle East, it’s still possible to walk right the way across one country. Sara DeGregoria hikes the National Trail from one side of Israel to the other.

Asia Pacific   6 Oct, 2011, 16:38
A unique Balinese vacation  
Melissa Davis

The Indonesian island of Bali is perhaps best known for its beaches. Melissa Davis leaves the coast and heads for the rice-terraced highlands to visit Ubud, Bali’s artistic and cultural heart.

Europe   6 Oct, 2011, 16:16
A bit of Yorkshire that’s falling into the sea  
Richard Lakin

Richard Lakin walks along Robin Hood’s Bay to find England’s coast at its most seaswept and dynamic.

Americas   6 Oct, 2011, 14:56
Rodeo day at Angola’s notorious jail  
Elisabeth Byington

America’s largest maximum-security male-only prison has strangely become something of a tourist attraction with its annual rodeo. Elisabeth Byington joins the crowds to visit Louisiana State Penitentiary, Angola.

Asia Pacific   6 Oct, 2011, 14:17
Making it big in Ozzywood  
John M Edwards

1980’s Australia, and John Edwards manages to sneak into the back of a tourist-board photoshoot against the backdrop of Uluru. It’s a sign of the times they accept an American in the foreground – but not an aborigine.

Europe   5 Oct, 2011, 15:10
Voluntourism in Britain: moving rocks for no pay  
Barbara Middlebrook

Keen to see another side of the UK, Barbara Middlebrook signs up for a ‘working holiday’ – which seems to involve labouring, unpaid, to return bits of privately-owned countryside to picture-postcard quaintness. Our landowning classes don’t deserve her.

Americas   5 Oct, 2011, 14:25
Venturing into Varadero  
Debra Rughoo

Cocooned in the luxury of a Cuban all-inclusive resort, Debra Rughoo nearly succumbs to the free-flowing mojitos and spends most of her time on the beach. But an excursion to the nearby town of Varadero turns out to be a high point in her holiday.

Central Asia   5 Oct, 2011, 14:13
Carefully through Kerala  
Brian Fisher

Brian Fisher meticulously plans his tour around southern India and reports – in detail – on his experiences.

Editorials   5 Oct, 2011, 13:38
A guide to giving in the developing world  
Ulrike Werner

However wealthy and western you are, scattering gifts around the developing world isn’t always a good idea. Ulrike Werner looks at your options for showing gratitude without upsetting local cultures.

Americas   3 Oct, 2011, 19:30
Brits in Banff  
Louise Hudson

There are plenty of British expats chasing the powder in Canada every winter. Some for a ski bum season, others come on temporary visas and stay on, while still more come as winter tourists. Louise Hudson knows why.

Central Asia   28 Sep, 2011, 18:41
Selling Sri Lanka: a copywriter’s conscience  
Gez Hebburn

Gez Heburn finds writing selling copy for holidays in Sri Lanka makes him feel guilty: he knows too much about the place. This is his version that’s not for the travel brochures.

Africa, Middle East   28 Sep, 2011, 12:23
Libya’s last tourist  
Tom Coote

Pre-revolution and Libya was an attainable – if expensive – tourist destination. As European bombers fly in, Tom Coote finds himself on one of the last passenger flights out of Tripoli.

Asia Pacific   28 Sep, 2011, 10:13
A taxi-driver’s curse and a lesson in humility  
David Calleja

David Calleja’s bruising encounter with a Hanoi airport taxi leaves lingering bad luck that seems to follow him into provincial Vietnam. But it’s his own attitude that is spoiling his experience and a little reflection turns his trip around.

Deals, Pole to Pole   27 Sep, 2011, 17:11
Guided Tours – Expedition Antarctica  
Iain Miller

It was always Iain Miller’s dream to travel to the South Pole. An Antarctic Cruise gives him the chance to live his dream – in comfort.

Americas   13 Sep, 2011, 11:21
Hunting for alligator by half-drowning a cat  
Dan Hart

On a trip to Miami, Dan Hart signs up for an airboat ride through Florida’s Everglades. What he doesn’t expect to experience is a leather-clad local punching an alligator in the face.

Central Asia   12 Sep, 2011, 17:08
Kashmir then and now: tracking 19th century footsteps  
Tim Hannigan

Tim Hannigan follows in the footsteps of George Hayward, a Leeds-born orphan who traipsed across India over a hundred years ago. At remote Manasbal Lake he discovers the Kashmir of the distant past can still be found.

Europe   12 Sep, 2011, 16:26
Welcome to Dnepropetrovsk: arriving in Ukraine  
Robert Fox

First-time visitor Robert Fox finds his arrival in Ukraine somewhat traumatising. Let’s hope the country adopts a more convincing charm offensive as his stay unfolds.

Americas   12 Sep, 2011, 16:13
Baffled by banter in downtown São Paulo  
Rob Dwyer

A new life in Brazil proves something of a challenge for Rob Dwyer as he waits for his language skills to kick in. Until he learns Portuguese his only recourse is to sit at the table like a deaf granny.

Asia Pacific, Deals   8 Sep, 2011, 14:49
Australia and its Territories  
James Newman

Australia is one of the world’s most diverse destinations. James Newman outlines the major highlights, from cities to natural wonders, across its States and Territories.

Central Asia   5 Sep, 2011, 15:23
Harbin’s Snow and Ice Festival – and a hot dog diet  
Jade Evans

Northern China in winter might not have much celebrate. What they do have is snow and ice – and plenty of it. That’s good enough for the provincial town of Harbin, and for Jade Evans to pay a visit.

Europe   5 Sep, 2011, 15:10
Bull tail and beers in Caceres  
Kris Mole

There’s no such thing as a free lunch, the saying goes. But Kris Mole finds that’s not true at all in Spain, as he continues his penniless couch-surfing Odyssey across Europe.

Central Asia   5 Sep, 2011, 14:38
Fort or folly in rural India  
Swatee Chaturvedi

After an eight hour drive from Delhi Swatee Chaturvedi finds herself in a sleepy corner of Madhya Pradesh. Instead of joining the tourist circuit to visit Khajuraho she finds plenty to explore – and a wholly unexpected fort – in the small town of Orchha.

Deals, Editorials   30 Aug, 2011, 16:23
An Introduction to Teaching English Abroad  
Chris Rowlands

Teaching English as a Foreign Language can be an excellent way to earn money while travelling. Chris Rowlands gives a guide to TEFL options on the road.

Africa   30 Aug, 2011, 14:46
There’s nowhere quite like Durban  
Julie H Ferguson

Dirty, run-down and dangerous? Far from it. Julie Ferguson finds a genteel charm and a wealth of character in KwaZulu-Natal’s coastal hub.

Central Asia   30 Aug, 2011, 13:36
Kazakhstan, home to the real ‘Big Apple’  
Colin Baker

Forget New York. Colin Baker says there’s only one ‘Big Apple’, and that’s in Kazakhstan’s largest city, Almaty. But that’s just one of this hospitable country’s little-known attractions.

Americas   30 Aug, 2011, 12:39
An eight-day loop through Yellowstone National Park  
John McCarthy

The main sights of Yellowstone Park are helpfully linked by a 176 mile-long figure-of-eight road loop. John McCarthy decides a bicycle would be a perfect way to travel, but as he plans his trip in detail it becomes clear the journey won’t be any sort of pushover.

Asia Pacific, Deals   24 Aug, 2011, 10:59
Australia’s golden roads and shimmering sands  
Jen Thames

Exploring Australia by air is just too easy. Jen Thames rents a car and drives north from Sydney to Port Douglas, experiencing the beaches, animals, reefs and rainforests in an epic drive along the sunsoaked eastern coast.

Europe   24 Aug, 2011, 10:18
A roam through Rome  
David S Grant

Rome in summer, and David Grant braves the 90 degree heat to take in the sights. Italy’s Capital contains some stunning ruins but he also finds some truly awful restaurants, only saved by a steady flow of Prosecco.

Americas   24 Aug, 2011, 10:00
More to Salem than Witches  
Debra Rughoo

Salem, Massachusetts is best known for its famous witch trials. Debra Rughoo finds this seaport town has a lot more to offer.

Europe   24 Aug, 2011, 09:37
Battling through Bulgaria: scoring a sofa in Sofia  
Kris Mole

Freeloader supreme Kris Mole continues his cash-free travels around Europe. Here he finds kind strangers to host his stay in the Bulgarian capital, Sofia.

Africa   22 Aug, 2011, 13:23
Leopard madness in South Luangwa  
Lesley Pritt

In five years of safaris Lesley Pritt has never had much luck spotting leopard. This changes dramatically in Zambia when she sights eleven in just a few days.

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