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5 Sep, 2016, 16:13
Top 5 restaurants you must visit in America  
Paul Woollacombe

The chance to sample the latest world cuisines is a highlight of any trip to the United States. Paul Woollacombe has a list of the prime establishments foodies should head for.

31 Jul, 2016, 15:01
A foodie tour of Antigua and Barbuda  
Adam Jacot de Boinod

Adam Jacot de Boinod sees the sunny side of Antigua as he takes a foodie tour of some of its best restaurants and hotels. Oh well, some call it work.

28 Jul, 2016, 22:00
A tale of travelling the west coast USA  
Lucy Barker

Lucy Barker says the best part of the United States is its western coast, as she travels around the states of California and Nevada.

12 Jul, 2016, 14:32
An ever-more-crowded busride in Argentina’s backlands  
David Marsh

Travelling through Argentina’s precipitous Andes leads David Marsh to contemplate mortality. At its fullest it was packed with 80 passengers so at least if this bus left the road he’d have plenty of company.

8 Jul, 2016, 14:40
La Guarjira, Colombia’s tropical badlands at South America’s tip  
Laura French

Laura French heads to the warmer tip of South America: the Guajira Peninsula on the top of Colombia. Amidst tropical beaches she finds, to her surprise, almost nothing.

8 Jul, 2016, 11:20
Japan’s first USA foothold: Wakamatsu tea and silk farm  
Daniel Metraux

Japan’s Boishin Wars of 1868 spilled a puddle of refugees into the North American hinterland. Daniel A. Métraux investigates a doomed resettlement project that struggled to bring oriental skills to Coloma, California.

22 Jun, 2016, 13:41
Cigars, rum and ancient cars: a taste of vanishing Cuba  
John Tierney

Preserved by American sanctions, the streets of old Havana still have a tropical, ramshackle charm. John Tierney decides to visit before everything changes.

22 Jun, 2016, 12:24
When getting there’s not half the fun: Antarctica  
Eric Whitehead

Antarctica is a wonderful place, but crossing the Drake Passage is hell. Eric Whitehead reports on a less-than tranquil southern cruise.

12 Jun, 2016, 14:19
A not-so-wild night out in rural Argentina  
David Marsh

In northwest Argentina David Marsh goes to see a film projected against a nunnery wall. If he’d expected to watch something religious disappointment beckoned.

12 May, 2016, 14:06
Once-beautiful Salta moulders in Argentina’s northwest  
David Marsh

Ignored by the capital, the provincial town of Salta is rapidly turning into a rural backwater. David Marsh finds first impressions fail to thrill.

12 May, 2016, 14:02
Recession hits Salta, in Argentina’s northwest  
David Marsh

David Marsh finds little of the capital’s sophisticated glamour in a one-beautiful rural backwater near the border with Bolivia.

19 Apr, 2016, 16:39
A beginner’s experience of life in Cuba  
Manya Chylinski

As the Caribbean’s most populous Hispanic island finally opens links with America, Manya Chylinski is amongst the first go on a cultural exchange. The island and its people, she says, are truly captivating.

31 Mar, 2016, 11:49
The forgotten heritage of Boston’s ‘Braves Field’  
Daniel Metraux

Baseball is a strangely American obsession, a game whose appeal doesn’t stretch far offshore. But as an US citizen Daniel A. Métraux is entitled to be interested in the strangely under-recognised centenary of Braves Field Stadium, home to the oldest professional team.

22 Mar, 2016, 12:24
Planning a road trip to America, and what you need to take  
Paul Woollacombe

The USA is the ultimate destination for a self-drive road trip. Paul Woollacombe has some advice for anyone planning to take to the interstate highways.

19 Mar, 2016, 21:32
There’s nowhere quite like the Galapagos Islands  
Eric Whitehead

Eric Whitehead finds the animals of the Galapagos Islands strangely friendly. Perhaps Charles Darwin had it easy as he cruised the outskirts of the known world.

18 Mar, 2016, 13:13
A U.S. Road Trip through California’s Wine Country  
Andrew Segal

America’s greatest winelands line the valleys leading down to the USA’s Pacific coast. Andrew Segal is your guide to the ultimate US road trip.

29 Feb, 2016, 18:04
Where to go for the best waterparks in America  
Lucy Barker

Anyone travelling with children in the USA this summer will want to know where the best waterparks are to be found. Let Lucy Barker be your guide to the best.

29 Feb, 2016, 17:49
Playing gauchos in an estancia in rural Uruguay  
James Sinclair

In rural Uruguay James Sinclair discovers his inner cowboy, saddling up for horseback trails and cattle mustering. And all without the hype and bluster you’d find in the dude ranches of northern America.

26 Feb, 2016, 16:01
Slow train to nowhere in Argentine Patagonia  
David Marsh

David Marsh boards the world’s most southerly train as he heads deep into Argentina. But in a day of travel progress is slow.

4 Feb, 2016, 15:00
Still raining down in New Orleans  
Lindsay Salt

Eleven years on from Hurricane Katrina Lindsay Salt visits ‘the Big Easy’. Ominously, the streets of the Old Quarter are still wet with rain as the tail of this year’s cyclone whips by.

30 Jan, 2016, 17:48
Sailing decompression: a San Diego sea passage to La Paz  
Alec Walsh

A thousand miles by yacht gives Alec Walsh a great opportunity to bond with his father, and over the next 30 days the clear ocean air cleans out his soul.

13 Jan, 2016, 15:12
Plotting a course to America’s Grand Canyon  
Eric Whitehead

One of the USA’s most iconic landmarks is the Grand Canyon, deep in Arizona. Eric Whitehead makes the journey and finds a visit offers more than just a pretty view.

6 Jan, 2016, 20:20
A day in OK city  
Steve Rudd

Oklahoma’s not America’s most glamorous city. But Steve Rudd finds the place unexpected touching – and even welcoming.

15 Dec, 2015, 14:43
Cycling the Natchez Trace in Mississippi  
Lindsay Salt

The best way to explore the southern states is at cycle pace. Lindsay Salt joins a leisurely bicycle tour following the Natchez Trace in deepest Civil War country.

28 Nov, 2015, 15:20
Give and surf: a holiday that helps Panama’s underclass  
Bonnie Lynn

There’s nothing clever about lounging on a beach. Bonnie Lynn combines a tropical break in Central America with some volunteering amongst Panama’s indigenous communities. Along the way she learns a whole lot of Spanish and gets an insight into their lives and dreams.

11 Nov, 2015, 13:10
A wild night out in San Pedro Sula  
Phillip Ghee

The most dangerous city in Honduras has some pretty rowdy nightlife. But Phillip Ghee finds it slightly alarming when he finds his guide for the night has a dual identity: Maestro Jekyll and Señor Hyde

9 Nov, 2015, 18:06
FlightHub’s travel guide to Montréal  

There are few cities as cosmopolitan and fascinating as Montréal, Quebec county’s premier mix of cultures in Canada. TravelHub know the city as their home and have every angle covered.

5 Nov, 2015, 17:58
The half-expected hazards of a taxi ride in Brazil  
Jun Cola

Brazilian traffic is erratic at best and taxi drivers are perhaps the most idiosyncratic of all the people on the road. In the city of Natal Jun Cola finds a sudden need for transport shreds his nerves and does little to help him reach his destination.

28 Oct, 2015, 16:19
A bus-passenger’s glimpse of downtown Dallas  
Steve Rudd

Determined backpacker Steve Rudd finds himself with a long morning to kill in America’s southern city that’s synonymous with JFK’s assassination way back when. This time, however, he has more trouble buying a hamburger than Lee Harvey Oswald had shooting a president.

27 Oct, 2015, 12:55
Toltecs and tortillas on a genteel tour of Mexico  
Elizabeth von Pier

Mexico’s wonders are effortlessly brought to Elizabeth von Pier as she tours San Miguel and the Yucutan Peninsula, with its wealth of current culture and ancient ruins.

1 Oct, 2015, 05:06
New Brunswick’s hills turn out to be mountains  
Eric Whitehead

One of Canada’s many remote provinces is best known for its remote coastal villages. But Eric Whitehead discovers another side to New Brunswick on a testing hike up Mount Carleton.

29 Sep, 2015, 06:34
How to miss the blues in Memphis  
Steve Rudd

Travelling on a tiny budget is as hard in America as anywhere in the world. But in the heart of Tennessee Steve Rudd finds a perfect lack of planning adds to his woes.

14 Sep, 2015, 08:43
Meeting the Mennonites of southern Ontario  
Habeeb and Muna Salloum

Habeeb and Muna Salloum find a taste of an ancient culture amongst the Anabaptists of Ontario in Canada’s Waterloo Region.

8 Sep, 2015, 20:38
The pre-trip palaver of an American for Italy  
Catie Costa

Six weeks on the Amalfi coast should be easy. But when Catie Costa leaves the States for an extended stay in Positano it becomes a major issue: even her sister thinks she must be leaving for Iraq.

31 Aug, 2015, 00:52
On the buses: across Canada from Toronto to Ottawa  
Steve Rudd

Travelling across Canada used to involve years of your life, trapping and trading and running from bears. Steve Rudd has a new technique. He takes a bus.

9 Aug, 2015, 00:00
The tooth-fangling granite quarries of Barre Vermont  
Daniel Metraux

One thing America’s never been short of is rock. But Daniel Metraux finds a certain romance in the quarries of Vermont.

1 Aug, 2015, 13:35
Meandering through Mexico and Central America  
Phillip Ghee

When Phillip Ghee catches a chicken bus down Mexico he has no set plan, just a telephone number of a friend’s mother in Honduras and a passing interest in pre-Colombian cultures.

30 Jul, 2015, 13:10
First Nation Canada with rafting and bears  
Bonnie Lynn

Bonnie Lynn tours British Columbia and discovers pre-colonial history, rivers to raft and first-hand contact with bears in the wild.

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