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The best fireworks you can see for New year

Less than 50 days left for New year, and everyone is already excited to welcome 2017 with a wide smile. It looks like 2016 adopted Usain Bolt’s speed and went by so quickly. We all have our 2016 diaries, where we have the flashbacks of how this year has surprised us. However, there’s one thing that we still have to pen down on the eve of 2017, the Fireworks’ experience that we all look forward to.

011216pic2At Magical Vegas, you can already see the Fireworks. It is a little surprising surely, however all throughout the year, the fireworks feel can be experienced at Magical Vegas. The game Fireworks will not only show you colours. It will also amaze you with symbols like gemstones and features like a firework fusing between the reels when a winning combination is formed. On Firework Frenzy, you will see a great firework in the background, along with various types of sparklers as symbols. On this game, you will find wild, scatter and a gamble feature. Register at Magical Vegas now and grab 20 no deposit free spins!

Apart from Magical Vegas, there are many places where you can see the best fireworks for New year. Pack your bags and celebrate New Year in these places with great Fireworks.


You can hear 12 strokes of the hour and the countdown, and on the very last one… The skies light up! A blaze of colours and light enchants the dark skies in London. These fireworks are even more remarkable when seen from Trafalgar Square. All eyes are on the Big Ben which produces fireworks.

New York

New York is famous for its Crystal LED ball, that is dropped from New York Times old building, on the eve of new year. Once this has been done, colourful fireworks can be seen rising into the sky.

Madeira Islands

From the port of Funchal in Madeira Islands, you will experience the largest exhibition of fireworks, ever recorded in the world. This rare scenario is distinct with multi- coloured lamps all over the place. Once the clock has stroked twelve, the sky is lost in colours, lights and a great view.


Dubai is one of the places that keeps amazing watchers every year with eye- watering fireworks at Burj Khalifa, the tallest building recorded in the world. The fireworks start bursting all over the tower and then there’s the shooting water works, that make it even better. This has to be the most beautiful fireworks you can see. Also, there are various displays showing the year on the tower itself.


One of the most blissful sight of the Eiffel tower can be seen on New Years’ eve. With fireworks sparkling from everywhere across the Eiffel tower, it is a magical moment. The Eiffel Tower keeps changing colours while the firework light up Paris.

Until the world witness the most beautiful fireworks, take a trip to Magical Vegas and have a great experience.

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