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Americas   30 Jul, 2015, 13:10
First Nation Canada with rafting and bears  
Bonnie Lynn

Bonnie Lynn tours British Columbia and discovers pre-colonial history, rivers to raft and first-hand contact with bears in the wild.

Asia Pacific   28 Jul, 2015, 08:46
Miyagawa, where Japan’s longest river flows crystal-clear  
Sze-Leng Tan

Japan’s longest river flows through the island of Honshu: miraculously clean, ultimately tidy and teeming with fish. Sze-Leng Tan finds a serene simplicity on its elegant banks.

Africa, Deals   28 Jul, 2015, 05:03
Things to do on safari in South Africa  
Paul Woollacombe

South Africa’s first-world infrastructure opens up a whole range of options to see African wildlife at its best, says Paul Woolllacombe.

Asia Pacific   25 Jul, 2015, 08:01
Adelaide for hen nights and some unexpected hipster havens  
Mae Demdam

South Australia’s capital city has a world image that generally ranges all the way from dull to genteel. But Mae Demdam says it’s anything but. Her bachelorette party in Adelaide finds bars and speakeasies that are bang on trend.

Deals, Europe   24 Jul, 2015, 13:12
How to get your adrenaline fill in the UK  
P Watson

Britain might not be the most obvious place to get an adrenaline rush, but Paul Watson says there’s plenty of excitement on offer – as long as you know where to look.

Europe   23 Jul, 2015, 14:29
Why Mayerhofen might suit beginner skiers and families  
Uma Muthuraaman

A somewhat varied skiing experience has made Uma Muthuraaman fairly cautious when she chooses an Alpine resort. But in Austria’s Zillertal Alps she finds a perfect piste.

Middle East   22 Jul, 2015, 15:13
Practical advice for divers in Egypt’s Red Sea  
Nick Bush

Don’t boycott the Middle East: they need your tourist dollars. Nick Bush has some first-hand advice for divers to help them make the most of the Red Sea reefs.

Editorials   22 Jul, 2015, 09:51
Nearly half Brits have booked holidays while drunk  
Shannon Peerless

There’s no breathalyser on computer keyboards and it’s easier than ever to book holidays. Shannon Peerless says I’m not the only one whose travel plans take shape far too late at night.

Europe   21 Jul, 2015, 13:20
A stylish weekend in Andalusia’s Seville  
Simone Giovino

Call it Sevilla or just say Seville, spell the province Andalucia or Andalusia, however you balance between English and Spanish there’s something special about Spain’s flamenco capital. Simone Giovino heads out for a magical weekend.

Americas   21 Jul, 2015, 13:01
Taking a mini-break on British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast  
Lindsay Salt

When it comes to coastal getaways, few can match the rugged beauty of Canada’s massive coastline. Lindsay Salt kicks her traces and heads out into the not-so-very wild.

Asia Pacific, Deals   16 Jul, 2015, 16:21
Live like a local: discover the top beaches in Sydney  
P Watson

Australia’s most popular city has beaches to suit every mood. Paul Watson outlines three of the best.

Africa   15 Jul, 2015, 16:07
First catch your leopard when volunteering in Namibia  
Sue McVerry

A conservation charity in Namibia sets Sue McVerry some serious challenges when she heads out to help save endangered leopard. At Okambara Camp volunteering seems to involve learning a range of survival skills – and all of them fun.

Europe   13 Jul, 2015, 14:38
Exit pursued by angry French bicycles  
Siobhan Fraser

There are many ways to stumble upon an ideal property in rural France. Siobhan Fraser’s is unusual, however, in that she is racing to escape helicopters, police motorbikes and a bicycle roadrace champing on her tail.

Europe   7 Jul, 2015, 09:54
Only evening milk will do on Ukraine’s blackish market  
Robert Fox

Robert Fox finds it hard to put a foot right as he follows his new Ukrainian bride on a shopping trip in the rural east.

Asia Pacific   6 Jul, 2015, 13:03
Meeting three strangers on the Magome-Tsumago Trail  
Sze-Leng Tan

On a solo trek across Japan’s central Alps, Sze-Leng Tan finds a series of chance encounters give her plenty to think about. Fortunately she’s also got plenty of space for reflection.

Europe   2 Jul, 2015, 13:14
Ten facts Greenland would like you to know  
Ida Toft Hauder

There’s a lot of Greenland and a lot about it that most people don’t know. Ida Lærke Toft Hauder has the scoop.

Europe   2 Jul, 2015, 12:43
All visits to Tuscany are just too short  
Eric Whitehead

Eric Whitehead’s rambles around Italy’s countryside is occasionally marred by getting completely lost. No matter: his Italian is coming on apace.

Asia Pacific   22 Jun, 2015, 15:38
A tranquil moment in Bali’s wet season  
Lisa Power

Seasonal rains do nothing to spoil the soothing influence of Indonesia’s Buddhist enclave. Lisa Power finds the cares of the world ebb away as she relaxes in a Balinese villa.

Asia Pacific   16 Jun, 2015, 10:43
Singapore has the ‘Wow Factor’  
Janet Myers

A brief stopover in the Far East leaves Janet Myers needing more. The Far East’s slickest city enchants and enthralls.

Deals, Europe   15 Jun, 2015, 19:56
The best foods to try in Europe  
A J Rivera

A huge part of travel is the different cuisines you’ll meet along the way. Lucy Barker outlines the unmissable European treats.

Europe   15 Jun, 2015, 17:00
A beginners hike in the mountains of Majorca  
Paige O'Grady

Though Paige O’Grady is pretty good at beaches she isn’t used to walking. So a three-day hike through the Balearic’s most mountainous island came as something of a revelation.

Deals, Europe   1 Jun, 2015, 21:41
5 good reasons to choose the French Alps in Summer  
Lucy Barker

The Alps come alive under the summer sun. Forget the beach this year: Europe’s great mountains have all the summer fun you can handle. Lucy Barker reports.

Europe   30 May, 2015, 13:28
A riotous time at Carnival in Cologne  
Jemilla Russell-Clough

Germany’s not always associated with great celebrations. This isn’t fair, says Jemilla Russell-Clough, as he heads out onto the streets for a lavish festival. Not a bad way to brighten up February.

Editorials   30 May, 2015, 12:32
Discursive thoughts on war and peace  
Ben Cooke

As the cold war chills once more and the Middle East burns again, Ben Cooke has some thoughts on the nature of conflict and the possible opportunities.

Americas   29 May, 2015, 08:57
Surviving white waters in Colorado’s Royal Gorge  
Hendson Quan

Hendson Quan finds a wet welcome on the Arkansas River out of Canon City, Colorado. And finds out why these are the most rafted rapids in America – and, perhaps, the world.

Deals, Europe   25 May, 2015, 09:58
In the footsteps of legends on the islands of Greece  
Cliff Blaylock

History as we know it began in the southern Mediterranean, and the waters of the Greek Islands are rich with the history of gods, kings and armies. Cliff Blaylock suggests three historic sites still visible – and visitable – today.

Africa   12 May, 2015, 10:30
A brief flirtation with the edge of the Sahara  
James Sinclair

James Sinclair hires a 4×4 in Marrakech and crosses the Atlas to meet Saharan sands. Where, appropriately, he swaps his car for a camel.

Central Asia   12 May, 2015, 10:18
One leg’s enough to travel round Sri Lanka  
Isabel Kingdon

Despite having recently lost a leg – and most of it too, from above the knee – Issy Kingdon finds it easy and rewarding to travel round Sri Lanka. She has some advice for anyone following her footstep.

Europe   12 May, 2015, 09:29
A cuckoo’s passage through the Yorkshire Dales  
Anna Greenwood

After travelling through Siberia and Asia, Africa and America, Anna Greenwood takes time to explore her native country, England, her home county of Yorkshire, and more particularly the moorland landscapes of Nidderdale

Europe   5 May, 2015, 15:50
Pasta and olive oil in Finale Ligure  
Tom Koppel

While the crowds flock to Venice and Florence, Tom Koppel finds a less visited part of Italy, where the pleasures are quieter and all the better for that.

Middle East   5 May, 2015, 12:09
Love, drugs and drink show Tel Aviv at its best  
Ben Cooke

You hear a lot of news about Israel but not a great deal about its beaches, bars and nightlife. Ben Cooke sets the record straight: people do just live there, and in some style.

Europe   30 Apr, 2015, 12:46
No English needed for a late night in Spain  
Jemilla Russell-Clough

Live music and tapas keep the lights burning bright on a night out in Elche. Jemilla Russell-Clough finds that as the night wears on the English fade away as the Spanish locals stay out to play.

Africa   28 Apr, 2015, 08:46
Mugged by monkeys and burgled by baboons  
Amy Shaw

A trip to Kenya’s Hell’s Gate National Park starts off smoothly for Amy Shaw. But then some monkeys take a liking to her lunch.

Europe   23 Apr, 2015, 09:43
Summer in Switzerland and it must be Bad RagARTz  
Annie Palovcik

Every year the mountain resort of Bad Ragaz is taken over by sculpture. Annie Palovcik explores a strange new world of open-air art.

Americas   21 Apr, 2015, 13:10
A wild night out in San Pedro Sula  
Phillip Ghee

The most dangerous city in Honduras has some pretty rowdy nightlife. But Phillip Ghee finds it slightly alarming when he finds his guide for the night has a dual identity: Maestro Jekyll and Señor Hyde

Americas   21 Apr, 2015, 12:10
A drive into the bay in sleepy Goose Cove  
Eric Whitehead

The icy waters off Newfoundland seem to exert an almost magnetic attraction on one unfortunate local as Eric Whitehead ambles round with his camera, shooting icebergs and looking out for moose and coyote.

Deals, Europe   20 Apr, 2015, 09:20
Five places you have to visit in 2015  
Mary Saunders

This year Europe’s traditional sandy beaches have some fierce competition from lesser-known, more cultural destinations. Many Saunders looks at your options for the upcoming summer.

Africa   14 Apr, 2015, 08:45
In Kenya forks become bracelets, teaspoons rings  
Amy Shaw

Nothing is wasted in East Africa. But at Nairobi’s Masai Market Amy Shaw finds recycling taken to new artistic levels by an inspired Kenyan jeweller working with cutlery.

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