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Deals, Europe   12 Feb, 2016, 14:48
Fly to Paris for some romance in the spring  
Lucy Barker

France’s capital city is the world’s top tourist destination. Lucy Barker says ‘The City of Love’ is best at the beginning of the year, as it bursts into colour under a strengthening sun.

Africa   10 Feb, 2016, 16:50
A night of real danger in rural Zaire  
Peter Peeters and Claire van Velsen

When Peter Peeters and Claire van Helsen drive their Landrover into a swamp in upcountry Zaire they merely think they’re stuck. They don’t discover the danger of their situation until the following day, when they’re lucky to have lived to tell their tale.

Europe   5 Feb, 2016, 15:29
Skeletons and ghouls at the Capuchin Crypt in Rome  
Dan Morey

Dan Morey takes his mother to see the desiccated skeletons of Rome’s famous Capuchin cemetery. Perhaps he’s trying to tell her something. Clearly she fails to get the hint and just enjoys the experience of getting close to deatjh .

Americas   4 Feb, 2016, 15:00
Still raining down in New Orleans  
Lindsay Salt

Eleven years on from Hurricane Katrina Lindsay Salt visits ‘the Big Easy’. Ominously, the streets of the Old Quarter are still wet with rain as the tail of this year’s cyclone whips by.

Deals, Europe   4 Feb, 2016, 09:38
Attractions to enjoy on your UK trip  
Lucy Barker

Most things in the UK, including accommodation, train travel and taxi fares, are inexplicably expensive. But Lucy Barker finds that several attractions and highlights are inexplicably free.

Middle East   2 Feb, 2016, 19:54
Entering ‘The Birdcage’: Jerusalem, state-sanctified for Arabs  
Hasheemah Afaneh

There’s no easy way into the Middle East’s sacred city for many of its rural neighbours. Hasheemah Afaneh takes half a day to clear Israeli security in a family visit to her nearest town.

Asia Pacific   2 Feb, 2016, 14:35
Free-fall adventure off the Queensland coast  
Ciarán Logue

Too many people spend their whole time in the Barrier Reef diving. Ciarán Logue goes the other way, taking to the sky for a thrilling sky-dive.

Deals, Europe   2 Feb, 2016, 14:13
Voucher codes chip away at the cost of UK travel  
Paul Woollacombe

A few seconds at the keyboard can unlock savings and offers that can let you stretch your travel plans. Paul Woollacombe takes a look at the discount world of travel vouchers.

Europe   2 Feb, 2016, 14:05
Cruising the Danube all across Europe  
Jennie Campbell

A leisurely cruise across Europe proves an ideal cure for Jennie Campbell’s winter blues. With its vivid sense of history and romance, the Danube River soothes, charms and stimulates.

Americas   30 Jan, 2016, 17:48
Sailing decompression: a San Diego sea passage to La Paz  
Alec Walsh

A thousand miles by yacht gives Alec Walsh a great opportunity to bond with his father, and over the next 30 days the clear ocean air cleans out his soul.

Deals, Editorials, Europe   26 Jan, 2016, 17:18
Travel to runes: and avoid airport stress  
P Watson

Paul Watson says that flying around the UK – and Scotland in particular – can be like wading through a bog without wellies. Thankfully, he has an answer.

Americas   13 Jan, 2016, 15:12
Plotting a course to America’s Grand Canyon  
Eric Whitehead

One of the USA’s most iconic landmarks is the Grand Canyon, deep in Arizona. Eric Whitehead makes the journey and finds a visit offers more than just a pretty view.

Asia Pacific, Central Asia   13 Jan, 2016, 14:46
Stormy waters in Burma’s Inle Lake  
Brian Fisher

Myanmar’s photogenic highlight lures Brian Fisher to its shores. But a chartered boat trip becomes a nightmare when the weather turns.

Deals, Europe   12 Jan, 2016, 21:48
Where to stay for this year’s Cheltenham Festival  
Paul Woollacombe

The UK’s most important horse racing event has plenty of opportunities for the gambler. Paul Woollacombe has the inside scoop.

Africa   7 Jan, 2016, 19:26
The big weekend: birding Ethiopia’s Rift Valley lakes  
Malee Oot

Few visitors make it to Ethiopia – and fewer still stray from the standard tourist routes. But Malee Oot has birds on her mind as she rents a Landrover to tour the Rift Valley lakes.

Central Asia   7 Jan, 2016, 17:10
A Mumbai dabbawalla races a chauffeur-driven car  
Leon Garwood

Leon Harwood shows a video where a Jaguar XJ competes with public transport to deliver a lunch to India’s elite. The car wins, but at a cost.

Americas   6 Jan, 2016, 20:20
A day in OK city  
Steve Rudd

Oklahoma’s not America’s most glamorous city. But Steve Rudd finds the place unexpected touching – and even welcoming.

Europe   6 Jan, 2016, 09:32
Donegal: Ireland at its most charming  
David Tyndall

While Ireland’s major tourist highlights remain its major cities, David Tyndal suggests the overlooked town of Donegal as your base to explore. This way, he claims, you’ll see Ireland at its best.

Deals, Middle East   18 Dec, 2015, 19:06
6 of the best Dubai hotels for family holidays  
Gemma James

Looking for an inexpensive blast of winter sun? Dubai’s your best bet. Gemma James from Travelbag has the scoop.

Asia Pacific, Central Asia   18 Dec, 2015, 14:22
The road to Mandalay starts.. somewhere in England  
Brian Fisher

When Brian Fisher decides to travel to Myanmar, he plans carefully. He seems to find Burma without any trouble, and books himself a private tour.

Europe   18 Dec, 2015, 09:54
The best of Malta in just 24 hours  
Kelly Vero

Kelly Vero’s fictional Malta is generally a world of crime and violence. But in reality she loves the Mediterranean’s most tropical island.

Deals, Pole to Pole   16 Dec, 2015, 14:27
Five tips for chartering a superyacht  
Lucy Barker

A chartered superyacht might be expensive but it does guarantee an unforgettable holiday. Veteran sailor Lucy Barker points out some factors to bear in mind to guarantee the experience exceeds your expectations.

Americas   15 Dec, 2015, 14:43
Cycling the Natchez Trace in Mississippi  
Lindsay Salt

The best way to explore the southern states is at cycle pace. Lindsay Salt joins a leisurely bicycle tour following the Natchez Trace in deepest Civil War country.

Deals, Pole to Pole   11 Dec, 2015, 14:51
Recycling hotel reservations benefits everyone – especially you  
James Greenstone

There’s a new service linking hotels with cancelled bookings with travellers looking for bargain rates. James Greenstone discovers the new site that slashes accommodation prices – Roomer.

Editorials   9 Dec, 2015, 08:31
This year’s bizarre questions from hotel guests  
James Pieslak

The Travelodge chain of hotels have put together a list of this year’s questions, as reported by their reception staff. James Pieslak provides a glimpse into the baffling world of business and leisure travellers.

Central Asia, Europe   7 Dec, 2015, 10:10
Gangsters, soldiers and hookers on a night out in Armenia  
Kris Mole

When Kris Mole hitchikes into the Armenian town of Gyumri he wasn’t expecting much from the couchsurfing experience. But then he’s taken for an unusual night out.

Europe   5 Dec, 2015, 20:00
John Hamer’s 2015 European holiday  
John Hamer

In the summer of this year, John Hamer and his wife tour Europe in style, using trains and taxis to link west and east. In the end most things, he finds, seem to cost about 17 Euros.

Deals, Europe   5 Dec, 2015, 14:54
Top 5 adventure activities to do in Wales  
Lucy Barker

When it comes to outdoor adventures, there really is no place quite like Wales. Lucy Barker runs through five awesome activities to try when in Wale, the UK’s activity hotspot.

Americas   28 Nov, 2015, 15:20
Give and surf: a holiday that helps Panama’s underclass  
Bonnie Lynn

There’s nothing clever about lounging on a beach. Bonnie Lynn combines a tropical break in Central America with some volunteering amongst Panama’s indigenous communities. Along the way she learns a whole lot of Spanish and gets an insight into their lives and dreams.

Asia Pacific   16 Nov, 2015, 16:30
A video selfie from the island of Bali  
Jacob Laukaitis

Indonesia’s tourist paradise proves a visual feast for Jacob Laukaitis’ 21st century scrapbook, a video selfie binge for the youtube generation.

Middle East   15 Nov, 2015, 18:42
Don’t drop your smile if you want to survive Petra  
Thomas Dowling

Jordan’s iconic Nabatean highlight has plenty to inspire visitors. But Thomas Dowling finds it also has a fair selection of sophisticated – and often young – hustlers who are well used to visitors.

Asia Pacific   11 Nov, 2015, 15:50
White Christmas in the Whitsunday Islands  
Jen Thames

While the Northern Hemisphere shivers it’s summer down under and you still get a white Christmas, just with sand not snow. Jen Thames presents the ultimate guide to Australia’s fabulous Whitsunday Islands.

Americas   11 Nov, 2015, 13:10
A wild night out in San Pedro Sula  
Phillip Ghee

The most dangerous city in Honduras has some pretty rowdy nightlife. But Phillip Ghee finds it slightly alarming when he finds his guide for the night has a dual identity: Maestro Jekyll and Señor Hyde

Asia Pacific   11 Nov, 2015, 12:00
Curries and Common Ground  
Kristina Johnson

When Kristina Johnson sets off into the hills of Northern Thailand to learn how to cook, she discovers a whole lot more about life than she expects.

Deals, Middle East   11 Nov, 2015, 09:50
Events to look out for in Dubai 2016  
Paul Woollacombe

Dubai is the standout star of Middle Eastern tourism and there’s always plenty going on. There are, however, a few major events that might just influence when you choose to visit: Paul Woollacombe rounds up your options.

Europe   11 Nov, 2015, 09:07
For free rail travel, head to Spain  
Kris Mole

Famous freeloader Kris Mole takes a little while to crack the Spanish rail system. But he’s in broke in Barcelona and needs to be in Madrid. Where there’s a will – and a Mole – there’s a way.

Americas, Deals   9 Nov, 2015, 18:06
FlightHub’s travel guide to Montréal  

There are few cities as cosmopolitan and fascinating as Montréal, Quebec county’s premier mix of cultures in Canada. TravelHub know the city as their home and have every angle covered.

Editorials   9 Nov, 2015, 16:58
How to be a traveller with a plan  
Andra Badea

There’s no need for a detailed itinerary to enjoy a bit of travel. Andra Badea’s advice, basically, is to wing it.

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